Yes this question is comes in every mind of the people because every blogger wants Google AdSense approval by which they can generate a large revenue from it. There are also many ad networks like Google AdSense, but they do not paid money like AdSense. so if you want to get AdSense approval in just 24 hours so you read this article.

5 Steps That You Must Follow This For Getting Adsense Approval

  • Purchase Top Level Domain

It is very important because Google wants a top level domain like .com, .xyz, .in, .net, .org, .co, etc. If you want to get approved your AdSense account in just 24 hours so you have to buy a top level domain. The most important thing about top level domain is, it generate more traffic from the Google search which is is very necessary for your website.

  • Connect Your Domain To Your Blogger Site

If you know about, how to connect domain to your blogger site so it is better for you. Others, who doesn't know about how to connect your domain to your wordpress site then follow these steps : 1). Go to your domain purchase site (like GoDaddy, Namecheap, etc. Where you have bought the domain. Indian open your blogger site, then and choose custom domain, now enter your domain name with after entering your domain it will ask for verification now, watch this video for verification How to connect domain to your Blogger ?. After verification wait for two or five minutes. Now your domain is connected to your blogger site.

  • Create Menu's or Navigation Bar

Menu or Navigation means pages like disclaimer, privacy policy, terms & conditions, etc. But the three pages must be available on your website, pages like privacy policy, about us, contact us. Now you will never get this error on Google AdSense.

  • Write 20 Unique Articles with 80-90% Unique Content

It is necessary that you must have 20 articles for getting Google AdSense approval, because 20 articles have much content that is required for getting Google AdSense approval. The length of the article must be 1000 words. But the minimum length of the article is for getting Google Adsense Approval is 500 words. If you are again not getting approval by Google AdSense approval, then post 5 articles again, Now you will be qualified 99% of getting Adsense Approval.

  • You Must Have a Unique Content Written Only by You

Mostly people do not write article by their own, they usually copy or change the meaning of the article, but this is wrong, if you don't have much knowledge about your niche, then try to translate your article, this will definitely helps you for getting fast Google AdSense approval.

  • Manually Index Your All Posts & Pages

I have noticed many times that beginners do this mistake, they make their 20-25 articles, but they forgot about posts & pages indexing. So keep it in mind, that after making a article index it manually. Then check your url that it is on Google or not. You can check your url by entering site: Now you're Done.

  • Connect Your Website with Google Analytics

After doing this all steps, the main work is to connect your website with Google Analytics, Now you will 100% get AdSense Approval in Just 24 Hours. But during this lockdown it can take 2-5 days.

  • Redirection Error on Google AdSense After Entering Your Domain

Yes, Definitely this error comes when you enter your domain on Google AdSense for approval. Follow this steps for fixing this error: Go to your domain purchase site, if your on godaddy then open manage DNS option scroll down and select forwarding - now, there are two options showing on that choose your http or https then select permanent. Now you're Done. This error will not come again in the future.

Now You're Approved By the Google AdSense. Try to share this article, in this process others can also get approved by Google AdSense.